Posts of the Decade

The earth shook at these astounding! revelations....


Maligayang Pasko which I deal with my father's passing.


Of Deaths and Wakes which I deal with a few more deaths.
Puppy Love which I feel sympathy from a non-human being.
I Heart Manila which I unearth good in all the dirt.
Of Postmodern Sex which I give up on cybersex.


Worthless Filipino which I learn all about public finance.
Transitions to Adulthood which I realise my own mortality.
Baptism of Fire which I feel genuine outrage.
Driving While Female which I celebrate womanhood in a naughty way.


Dialektik which I write philosophy in poetry.
In a Wowowee State of Mind which my brows hit the roof at another blogger's condescension.
Communists are dead which I bemoan the lack of some serious scholarship of Marx.
On Bilingualism which I show off my skillful tongue.
Justice Cruz just doesn't know when to quit which I enjoy the first newspaper columnists smackdown of my lifetime.
Social (Cyber)spaces which I come to fully appreciate the power of the world wide web.
Rape, Hypermasculinity and Philippine-American Relations which I write my first gendered politics post.


I love America, I hate America which I fully understand the extent of our Americanisation.
In Manila which I miss Frenetic Manila.
Peeling Boredom which the Philippines transforms into paradise.
The Philippines as Open Pussy Country which I feel for the first time what its like to be the 'Other.'
Excising Cinderella, Maria Clara and Inang Maria which I first realise the import of the femininity of motherland.
Freudian Sleep which I realise I am my parents' daughter.
Putting on the Other's Shoe which I learn empathy is what makes us human...which makes Malu Fernandez bovine.


Our (Post)modern Revolution and the Tyranny of the Apolitical which I call on the blind to see.
In Defense of the Public which I see the importance of public spaces.
Are We Poor Because We're Lazy? which Gramsci mediates between Hegel and Marx.
Deconstructing Celine Lopez' Book Report which I realise Philippine 'elites' are losers.
In Defense of the Truly Talented and the Merit of Merit which I bemoan the state of our culture.
Seduction which I realise my brain was in danger of draining.
Pieces which my body and soul were cleaved apart.
De-Everything which I re-learn the skills needed to survive in Manila.
Meaning which I cope with a student's suicide.
I am Harvey Dent which I don my superhero cape.
The Depoliticisation of the Filipino and the Marketisation of Everything which the postmodern has truly arrived in the Philippines.


The Authenticity of Mar Roxas which I am severely underwhelmed by an otherwise okay politico.
Myth-making in a time of Fragmentation which I realise the power of myths.
Fruits of her Labour which I was I help usher in a cultural revolution.
Order, Politesse which I spit on the well-behaved.
Doomed to Leisure which the soul of Jean Baudrillard inhabits my shell of a body.
Blogging at Pulitika which I fight for the right to speak regardless.
A Hope-full Encounter with Bernard Bernardo which I see hope in the young.
Tendre which I have my heart broken.
Beaten Black and Blue which I witness carnage.
The Yellow-toothed Woman and the Book Blockade which I do not champion books.
Roses and Other things that Wither in the Night which I see the ghosts of Malate.
Castrated by Vacuous Argument for the Sake of Vacuous Argument which the rabid democrat in meet is let loose.
Clarity from the Left which I still bemoan the lack of serious scholarship on Marx.
Unpacking Choice and Reproductive Rights which I learn to hate the clergy.