Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I will post again, promise!

As Prof. Clarita Carlos once said, an academic is almost always left of centre. Aside from Professor F, who is sooo slippery when it comes to showing his theoretical biases (so far, I haven't figured him out), two of my new profs this sem, Professors P and L, are most definitely left of centre. All this means is that they are critical of 'common sense' claims of their individual disciplines. As a professional 'producer of knowledge,' academics have to always be critical of the established interpretations of reality.

All in all, it has been a challenging (and CONFOUNDING) semester so far. The more I know, the more I get confused. I feel riven in so many directions. I don't know what I 'know' anymore. Do I 'know' anything at all? Is anything 'knowable'? Waaaah. Ignorance is bliss hein?

Friday, June 08, 2007

G8 Riots Blamed on Pinoy?

Rostock, Germany. This riot prior to the commencement of the G8 summit last Wednesday was reported to have been incited by Professor Walden Bello of Focus on the Global South. Der Spiegel has since retracted this statement and apologised to Bello.

Police Chase Greenpeace Boats at G8 Summit

Rostock, Germany. Here is a footage of German police chasing after protesters. You gotta love Greenpeace, these guys like to stage action-packed (and more importantly coverage-worthy) protest actions.

22 Pinoy seamen ran aground in Australia

This just in, oil ship Pasha Bulker, with 22 Filipino crew members ran aground on Nobbys Beach in Newcastle this evening. The storm's strong gale winds proved too powerful for the ship's engine. All our Pinoy seamen have been rescued. No one is harmed. Yay!

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