Monday, November 29, 2010

Return to Myself

What it means, to nourish
These long weeks, consuming words
With so little time to truly reflect,
Ingest, ingesting them I have
Had little space to breathe
And think and write
Down to my very toes
My shriveled-up soul calls
Come home, come rest here
Stand at the very edge again,
At the very edge
To see beyond, to see behind
To see light, light those fires
Again, kindle mine
Truth to tell, truth to find
Myself, look to the precipice Sparky

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Year Ago: The Ampatuans

Human Rights Watch recently published a report on the Ampatuan Massacre last year:
This 96-page report charts the Ampatuans’ rise to power, including their use of violence to expand their control and eliminate threats to the family’s rule. It is based on more than 80 interviews, including with people having insider knowledge of the Ampatuan family security structure, victims of abuses and their family members, and witnesses to crimes.

See the full report here.