Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wanna know where your taxes go?

How nifty is this?!?! The Department of Budget Management has the budget allocation for this year online!

Ever wondered where your hard-earned 10% goes? Or where the VAT goes? Well, wonder no more! The politicians may talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? They may have promised you the moon and stars last elections, but do they deliver? One clue is scrutinising the annual budget. The numbers don't lie. They clearly show were our government priorities lie. Oh me oh my, that rhymes by the by.

Presumably every Filipino wants their money to be spent on these agencies:

1. Department of Education - P126.8 billion
2. State Colleges and Universities - P17.3 billion
3. Department of Health - 11.4 billion
4. The AFP - P25.6 billion

Pero bago ang lahat, bayad utang muna:

5. Debt Payment (principal) - P303.8 billion
6. Debt Payment (interest) - P318.1 billion

How nice no?

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