Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Getting to know you

Many thanks to those who have responded to my tag. I was curious to know more about these people beyond the things they write about on their blogs. I mean, I know there are human beings behind the blogs, but its nice to know the little personal details.

Here are some (to me) surprising responses.

Coffee With Amee reveals she doesn't drink coffee anymore! What a shame. Haha. She writes:
I stopped completely from the occasional cappuccino drinking I did when I was in the Philippines. Now, when I go to coffee shops, I just order tea or a frothy drink.

Jego admits to his inability to fart silently.
I suppose my sphincter isnt built that way. If I try to stealth-fart, I do not end up with a silent whoosh like normal people. I end up with something like putt-putt-putt-putt as I try to let loose a soundless one, fail, stop in mid fart, then try again, until all the gases are expelled. It takes too much effort so I gave up trying and head for the bathroom instead or if outdoors, walk a reasonable distance away from populated areas, preferably downwind.

Placeholder says he has difficulties sleeping even as a kid, and so he lets the TV lull him to sleep.

Belishabeacon is just as orally fixated as I am:
I used to eat chalk, erasers and air fresheners. But I was really young then. I was around 6 or 7. It was the 80’s. But I don’t mean that everyone in the 80’s ate chalk. And in my defense, I only ate the red or pink ones.

I got a kick out my friend parody & pastiche revealing drinking establishments still ask for her ID.
In fact, last night I was denied entrance at a bar since I couldn’t produce any identification with my birthdate on it. My friend came to rescue me and tried to plead with the bouncer to let me in. She told him Come on, she doesn’t look 18. He turned to her and said Yes, she does. Boo.

Lastly, I am not at all surprised expectorants, who did this tagging thing a few months back, likes to collect things. And he says he also loves pollutants:
I love certain pollutants. Other forms of pollution I like, other than those blue bathroom cleaners: matchstick burning and gasoline stations.

I'm still waiting for responses from amateurmisanthrope and big mango!


Edited to add:

Better late than never! I agree with amateurmisanthrope. There is much to recommend about gay porn. Haha.
I like gay porn. Am actually viewing one as I write/edit this, haha. Not to be defensive, but gay male porn is very different from its straight counterpart. Well, sure there are no women in gay porn! What I mean is, gay porn has none of the issues that haunt heterosexual pornography—misogyny, exploitation, rape, abuse, to name a few.

Oh, and I would love to one day hear big mango's Yoda impression. :)

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