Monday, July 30, 2007

It IS a small world

We talked about People Power and low-violence strategies of social movements last week, and the Philippines was the model. I was there, so you could say the class had me as an actual source. Today we talked about the masalimuot role of international financial institutions in Africa, focusing on one of the HIPCs (heavily-indebted poor countries), Malawi. My friend S. was there. A few weeks back we talked about some success stories such as Botswana, R. was there. We talk about Iraq, M. is there. We talked about the gulf nations in the Middle East, E. is there. We talk about Islam, two Muslims in class. We talk about terrorism, a terrorist police expert is there. We talk about migration, some migrants are there. We talk about American foreign policy, plenty of Americans are there. Sometimes people can get really involved and sometimes people take their government's policies very personally. A smaller world we have don't we?

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