Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pinoys on the HSA

The Pinoy blogosphere's reacts to the HSA:

Frontbone Engineer wonders if "this is just a sweeter, a more pleasing-to-the-ears way of saying martial law."

Blackshama says it is a "watered down" and "toothless" law but its better than nothing. The "hysterical left" he says "needs to reassess itself, react in a non-hysterical manner and DISARM. By doing so they will cease to be terrorists and be protected under the liberties provided by the Constitution."

Jonnabebeh uploads a poster that states 5 reasons to oppose the HSA. Reason number three should give us reason for pause - "the Anti-Terror Council consists of human rights violators."

Mong Palatino says "most of the members of this Council are aligned with repressive governmental policies; they are not really known as defenders of civil liberties." He mentions Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales and Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales.

Jetti Burleysa implores us to be more like Harry Potter "faced with our very own Voldemort."

Uberjam reacts to the government's inconsistent statements:
(On Gen. Esperon's volte face) What kind of crap is he trying to feed us? You brand an entity as a terrorist. Now you're saying you want to negotiate with terrorists?...Why declare an all-out war against this communist plague, if you claim that the communists themselves are doing the killing --- of their own? Self-contradicting. Meaningless. Illogical. Pathetic. Hindi ba nakaka-bobo? Mukha ba kaming tanga?
The Legally Inclined Blog reminds us the recently adjourned Congress had a P12.51 billion budget and enacted 148 Republic Acts. Which means, that in theory, the HSA could have cost us P84 million.

Jmtuazon questions the context within which the law was passed:
When was it passed? Why was it rushed? What's the political situation in the country? What are the possible implications of its enactment? Clearly, one only needs to peek behind the curtains of this one spectacular show.
Via Kontradevagg, the Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center- Kasama sa Kalikasan/Friends of the Earth-Philippines:

Given the regime’s track record of mounting atrocities and human rights abuse, the unreformed military and the police forces, the national security-mindset of the HSA’s architects and implementors and the red-baiting and labeling of groups , organizations and individuals critical of the government’s policies and actions—we have all the reasons to doubt the so-called safeguards that the HSA contain against arbitrary acts and abuse.

The Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society Inc:

We deem it fitting and proper, then, to call upon President Arroyo not to implement the Human Security Act of 2007. Its implementation will certainly run counter to the present peace initiatives between the government and the revolutionary fronts. Besides, it may just breed more discontents and anger among the people against the government.

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