Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ninotchka Rosca

First, the name. What a journalist would give to have been born with a name like that. Its intriguing. Is it a man or a woman? Is s/he Russian-Spanish? Romanian (for the perfect blend of Slavic and Latin)? Then Butch tells me she used to be Joma Sison's lover and wrote his biography. My interest was piqued. The lover of the Communist Party's exiled leader who was imprisoned during the Marcos regime. For someone who was born after the First Quarter Storm, I have no memory of Rosca. All I know of her was her article on Ambassador Lauro Baja which came out on the front page of the Inquirer a week ago. A follow up, adds a bit more credibility to her story.

When her first story came out, I thought, wow this person must have balls to write something that could potential destroy a decorated diplomat's legacy. But then looking at Rosca's own achievements, her credentials are nothing to scoff at.

Ah, yet another one of our own, lost to the world, and found again through the www.

Rosca blogs here.

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