Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wolves and their Flock

La Gloria is scheduled to meet El Dubya on the 24th of this month to discussion cooperation "on a broad range of areas, including ASEAN, Burma, counter-terrorism, defense reform, food security, and regional economic integration." Perhaps they will do an 'accounting' on Bush's war on terrorism front in the south. We are after all the largest recipient of US military aid in Asia since 9/11. Maybe El Dubya will ask her about her special relationship with China recently. Maybe they will play golf. In the meanwhile, big-name journalist Ces Drilon's kidnapping by the ASG sort of flies right smack in the face of these joint military efforts of the past few years. I do wonder at the timing. Maybe certain elements of the armed forces - the same ones who sell ammo to the enemy - informed the ASG in advance. Makes the case that our generals need more funding.

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