Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I went to UP today, to have a couple of things done at the shopping centre, and to have some isaw with Butch. I always feel good whenever I pass through. There were plenty of students walking around campus. It's probably reg week. I had never noticed before, but amazingly UP students look exactly the same a decade ago. Its not the uniform t-shirt and jeans they throw on carelessly. Its not the little details - funky earrings, a loud hairdo, and an occasional tattoo. Its not the walk that screams "I don't care, but I'm cool and I know I'm smarter than you ." Its not the walk that screams angas. Its the look on their faces. Its pride. This is perhaps the most priceless thing I took away from this university. Regardless of background, class or creed, UP instills in each and every one of its students pride. And its a pride earned entirely through merit. To my alma mater - a happy centenary.


rina said...

in other words, mayabang tayo, ha ha! happy centenary!

Pasyon, Emmanuel C. said...

hahaha... we have some demerits too, you know. Gloria and Marcos, to name a few (the notable, yes). And it wasn't up that produced Tolentino, Lumbera and Reyes.

up has also managed to incorporate the extreme ends of liberalism. this could be summarized in ibon's collection titled, mula tore hanggang palengke.

Despite this, am still proud of being a upian. no other school could boast of academic freedom (or at least what's left of it) like our alma mater.

towards a more progressive pedagogy! happy centenary up!