Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Dean: Do you think law should be guided by morals?
Me: Well, in most societies, killing people is criminal. If the law says its bad, then isn't that a moral judgment?

Dean: What do you think are the limits of government when it comes to interfering with citizens' lives? Is there a limit?
Me: Well, if you dig deep in political theory, and this may be a bit libertarian, as long as an individual's personal choices don't harm others, then she should be free to do as she will.
Dean: What if she harms herself?
Me: As far as I know, attempted suicide is not criminal in any society.
Dean: Don't you think the state should intervene in certain cases?
Me: This assumes the government knows best. Isn't that a bit totalitarian?

Dean: What are your guiding principles?
Me: (very careful answer here) I don't use religious terms as others do. Christians will be comfortable saying they seek guidance from God. I use other terms...like signposts. I am modern in that I feel I make my own destiny. But sometimes things happen to me that I feel were just meant to be.

Dean: What do you think constitutes good governance?
Me: People in positions of leadership should be guided by democratic values. I call myself a democrat. What I mean by this is that at bottom, I believe human beings are all the same. Given the same opportunities, anyone can realise themselves to the full.

Dean: So, you like postmodernism?
Me: I used to teach French. So I like French thinkers. Its all language games really. Maybe the attraction was because I was a language teacher first.
Dean: What about it do you like exactly?
Me: That meaning is constructed between humans. As humans change, so does meaning.

Dean: Explain what you mean when you said you're a historical materialist.
Me: *Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit*

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erasmusa said...

ooh. wow. these happen to be things they are particular about, so it's expected. that last one... :D