Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things bigger than me

I try not to worry about the details, because in the larger scheme of things, they're insignificant. What does it matter if you win an argument to settle who's smartest? Strongest? Funniest? In this little universe, this university, what does it matter? I realise the conceit of not wanting to engage in little rebellions, in doing things, just for kicks. Because the things to get riled about and expend energies over, are things bigger than me. Scary things, things of a scale so grand that I ask myself, am I ready? Intimidated and humbled, again I find refuge in the details, things over which I have some semblance of control. Like how many bottles of beer I can finish and still be able to walk home.

1 comment:

Poppycock said...

wow, back in the day when i would have opportunity to drink, two would make me giddy. three, silly. four, who knows?

i'm better with red wine. i could hold my four, get nicely blushed, and stickily sleepy after. nice.