Friday, March 14, 2008

I Support the Campaign for the Freedom of Access to Information Law

Via Manolo, please support Team RP's advocacy.
From the de Venecia-Lozada expose, the Hello Garci scandal, and the Spratlys mind-boggler to the North and South Rail questions, events of the recent past clearly highlight how very little we know about the workings of our government, how much difficulty is involved in getting truth to come out and how, albeit fundamental in any republican and democratic state that the government is accountable to the public, we Filipinos are in reality denied direct access to our government institutions and our public servants. As a country that prides itself with democracy, it strikes us with a disquieting reality that we Filipinos have no real access to information to empower us to properly and actively participate in governance.

We in TEAM RP believe that in order for there to be a responsible citizenry that can actively and meaningfully craft the future of the country, there is a need to give teeth to the policy of full public disclosure and the right of the people to be informed as contained in the fundamental law of the land. Moreover, we are aware that if people, especially those who have been bypassed by development, are unaware of laws and procedures for availing themselves of their entitlements or of mechanisms they can use to remedy their plight, then they will always remain poor.

Please go over to Team RP's blog and find instructions on how you can support the passage of this bill.

Here's to vital public information made more accessible to civil society. Here's to our democracy. And here's to more PDFs for download! :)

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erasmusa said...

i admire team RP. i'm a deplorably passive member, but i'm aware of their work and would be happy to take to the streets with them when i think the time is right.