Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brian Gorrell's Blog is Alive!

This blog is not above juicy gossip. Wehehe. The DJ Montano blog (written by a certain DJ Montano's spurned lover) has a new post. He ends it with a threat:

I will shame your entire family because of DJ's crime against me.

DJ, do the right thing. Borrow the money from your family. Borrow it from a friend. Just give it to me.

Because I will re open this blog.

Nyahahaha. As Gibbs Cadiz says, its schadenfreud. I caught wind of this too late, and so I didn't get a chance to read the entries with all the comments. Even though he has deleted his posts, they're still floating in the ether. Make some popcorn, get comfy on your favourite meuble and "read" at your heart's content. Mwahahahaha.


I am deliriously, ridiculously happy to report, that my post is the top search result when you google "tim yap."

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john marzan said...

google cache still has a copy of his blog here.

Jego said...

I was reading the comments section on an entry on that blog yesterday and I lol'ed at one comment where the Gucci Gang was being challenged to a dance off at Embassy by a commenter who signed his comment the Secosana Gang.

(And malapit na pala ang birthday ng Tim Yap post mo.)

Ferdielicious said...

Brian Gorrell is a phenomenon! He'll soon dominate the entertainment industry with all his rantings about the socialite's of Manila.

Anonymous said...

If Brian is telling the truth, why is he asking the Filipino people for money? Sounds like a scam to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey people the world does not revolve around Brian Gorrell. He won't solve inflation so quite inflating his ego already.

Anonymous said...

hi cs, is it just me or has the blog lost its audience? look at the dwindling number of responses...poor guy

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:43

i agree fame has gone to his head. i go there mainly for the comments section. someone posted this and apparently it was reported first on the woman has been identified as lucia palami, a socialite and a former gucci gang member kuno. while the man in the picture is THAT famous actor. i don't know who lucia is hahaha but it's worth a look!