Monday, March 03, 2008

A New Design for Democracy: Urbano's Proposal

I like this labour of love thoughtfully crafted by Another Hundred Years Hence. A new design for Philippine Democracy.
The design change I am proposing is in essence a mechanism shift. I propose that rather than electing leaders at the national (or even regional level), we should select leaders at the superlocal level (the barangay) and these leaders then become part of the pool of candidates from which the system selects municipal, provincial and national leaders.

The mechanism shift, that of holding direct elections only at the barangay level, will reduce the size of the electorate (v), reduce the cost of acquiring votes (c), lower the barriers to entry, and eliminate the role of the middle-men.

Writing (and thinking) all the way from Washington DC, he makes his proposal in a downloadable PDF! Gotta love the WWWeb. :)

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