Thursday, March 13, 2008

Challenge is Opportunity and Opportunity is Challenge

Ok. So my former bosses have probably decided on Manila (as opposed to Hong Kong). I see their ads pop all over the Pinoyblogosphere now. Bravo marketing folks for doing your job. On my last day at work E had a little chat with me. Asked me what the BPO scene was like in Manila. I could only tell her what everyone else knows. Yeah, we've got tens of thousands of call centre seats now, so our labour force is "competitive." Whatever that means.

I didn't know whether to feel good or dirty after that interview. On one hand I scored some potential jobs for my fellow Filipinos. I, a Filipina, proved to be a reliable, quick-to-learn English-spokening worker. On the other, I felt dirty. The site is a legitimate dating site. If my ex-bosses wanted an adult site, they could set one up. Probably rake in more money. But nonetheless I have seen some disturbing, horrible things in there. I cringe now, every time I see the photo of the ad. It is obviously targetting foreigners. But if they're advertising on Philippine sites, they must also be after locals or Pinoys overseas.

But no matter. If they do decide to move some back office work to Manila, I'd feel better knowing fellow Filipinos were policing the site. Because I know the Aussie who does it most of the time could care less about protecting Filipinos' integrity and reputation.


I am fiercely proud that my blog post is the lone non-adult related search result when you google "philippine pussy." Makunsensya naman ang naghahanap ng porn.

Filipina. Mabuhay ka.

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porn sites, i suppose.