Thursday, March 08, 2007

Women Empowerment

Dear You,

In celebration of International Women's Day, let me enlighten you on a few facts regarding 'gender equality' in developing nations.

Fact #1. You have been electing presidents since 1776, and you've yet to elect a woman head of state. We have had two. Other new democracies such as Indonesia, a 'Muslim' country, has had one. India has had one. In fact, on this list and this one, only Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Switzerland, East Germany and Austria appear on the list. Only Canada, Germany, New Zealand and Norway have elected female prime ministers. Although developing countries do not score very high on "gender empowerment measures" of the 2006 Human Development Index, what better show of confidence in women than to elect them into the most powerful position on the land.

Fact #2. My country tops the list of countries with the most number of senior management executives among 32 surveyed nations (including yours). In the region where wives supposedly walk a few paces behind their husbands and some are required to wear head scarves/veils, 42% of businesses are run by women.

Rank #1. 97 per cent of businesses in the Philippines have women in top managerial positions
Rank #2. China 81 per cent
Rank #3. Malaysia 85 per cent
Rank #4. Hong Kong at 83 per cent (also Brazil)
Rank #6. Thailand at 81 per cent
Rank #7. Taiwan at 80 per cent

Yours ranks 13th. Yun lang.



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