Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cigarette Warning Labels

I found this Ed Byrne clip on Youtube. I found Ed Byrne courtesy of Torn.

I've run out of the local brand I brought with me, so I've had to buy Aussie cigs. EXPENSIVE, but I've no choice. How I feel about total strangers in campus asking if I can spare one? Nah. I can't.

You wanna know what Ed Byrne's talking about? Well, here they are. Aussie ciggie warning labels. Nasty.

Here's the first one I bought. That is actually a foot that looks like it has gangrene.

Healthy lung, Emphysema.

And my favourite. That's an eye stretched open with something I'm sure eye doctors use when they operate.

And, our local, much more tame warning. Its not even about you, its about your children.

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