Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm too old for this

Too old for my housemates not washing their dishes and taking out the trash. Too old to referee. Too old to tolerate early-20s inanities. Arg.


J introduces me to some dude whose name I didn't care to remember. He looks Chinese, but J says he's from the Philippines.

Dude: "So sa'n ka nag-aral."
Me: "UP. Ikaw?"
Dude: "I went to Brent. Then I studied in Switzerland."
Me: "Oh."

I'm too tired to make small talk. But here's the decoded subtext.

Dude: "So, this is an expensive private uni. You must be rich. Tell me you're rich."
Me: "No, I'm smart."
Dude: "Awww, too bad I can't make nice with you. See, I'm rich. Filthy rich."
Me: "Oh fuck off."

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