Wednesday, November 14, 2007

PDI's Leftward March?

Today's thought bubble: I can't help but notice that in the past year, the country's most popular newspaper among broadsheet-reading citizens has become progressively

First, notice the front page - the positioning of issues and even the pictures. The language they use has also become very strong both in the headline banners and in editorials.

Since I have been a long-time reader, I know that Inquirer columnists have been typically critical of any sitting administration, but since GMA...they seem to have lost all sorts of restraint (?).

I have noticed this trend for some time now, and it just makes me wonder, cynic that I am, what has possessed the owners, advertisers and staff of PDI?

Given that it is a corporation, it is still operating on principles of profit-making. Have they noticed that people buy more when the headlines are more "shocking?" The larger the market share, the more businesses will advertise. Since I left the telecoms usually have whole page ads every single day. I assume nothing has changed. So here you have a convergence of media outlets, which by their nature, influence how we communicate and what we think and talk about.

This is not to say that I disprove of what PDI is doing. I worry for the newspaper organisation and its stakeholders. If I were an aspiring dictator, PDI would be my enemy number 1. Which makes me wonder, if the powers that be at PDI are feeling invincible at the moment. Are they perhaps being a bit too cocky? Belligerent event? Do they know something we don't?

Just wondering out loud. *Chin stroke* Yun lang.

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