Monday, August 06, 2007

Sex Tourism

Did you know that the Philippines ranks number four in sex tourism destination? And that there are as many as 600,000 child prostitutes in the country? Safely tucked away in the provinces, child prostitution is not visible to the eyes of the capital. But now they have faces. These days, I have to police online sex workers every time I go to work. To bloggers who advertise dating sites for "Cebuanas" and the like, please take them down, I beg of you.

Quick, somebody feel outraged for me. After watching the YT testimonials on the kidnapping of 51 Filipinos in Iraq, I'm fresh out of rage and indignation. Ah, this is so fucking exhausting. Let me be selfish. Let me just think of myself. Arrrrgghh.

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ellumbra said...

Hi Sparks - Yeah - I unwittingly got tangled up in the sex-tourism business - I was naive - thought I was about to enter a relationship of my dreams.
Published loads of warnings online - but the Big Business soon got their teeth into it whole communities of bloggers.
Have a read if you've the time.