Sunday, August 05, 2007

Aussie Journalist Roasts Gloria

Her excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was here on May 31 to ink an Anti-terror pact. PM Howard promised $1 million in aid to combat terrorism and poverty, focusing on Mindanao.

SBS Australia's Stan Grant grills GMA right after the pact-signing ceremonies. He gets away with asking Madame La Présidente questions no Filipino journalist would have been able to without getting his/her head bitten off.

SG: "You talk about trying to deal with terrorism, we know the Philippines has been a hotbed of terrorism over the years...the ongoing struggle over Abu Sayyaf...Is it something that is just insurmountable?"

GMA: "Oh, on the contrary, we are a very strong link now on the war against terrorism. Those who are able to ply their trade in other places cannot get away once they try to hide in the Philippines. So we've had terrorists who've perpetrated their crimes in other countries but they're in Philippine jails."

SG: "Now to the question of political instability, particularly to your own leadership being beset by crisis, attempts to impeach you, allegations of vote rigging, allegations of bribery and corruption. How do you maintain your own credibility against such opposition?"

See GMA flustered as she lies her teeth through this mini-interview here. GMA's booty: $1 million. GMA's facial expressions....priceless.

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