Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Breaking up with my Brother's Ex-Girlfriend

Sight unseen, I hate her immediately. She with the cloyingly strong perfume (as in masangsang), she with the artificially high-pitched laugh, she with the nubile body and huge breasts (according to my cousin). Her smell, which trailed all the way down to the garage from my brother's room, is enough to let me know that she is a ne'er-do-well piece of slut. And I will never, never like her.

I miss my brother's Ex. She was good for him.

Since Jane and my brother's relationship started going down the tubes (for good this time), I was always on her side; telling her to leave my asshole of a sibling. She needs someone who'll treat her better. She deserves someone older, more mature, more emotionally stable, more giving, more responsible, more generous, more everything. After two years and a half, she'll be old and gray before my brother grows some sense and some spine.

And now there is this new slut leaving her malodorous perfume all over my house. She who has no courtesy to show her face to me or my Mom even when she has the gall to "sleep over."

Ah, I miss Jane. I wish her back.

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