Thursday, November 24, 2005

Battle of the Sexes

The preliminary investigations of the Subic rape case has begun. I'm sure lawyers from either side of the legal fence are well aware that this is not a mere legal proceeding but one fraught with Philippine-American politics, and more importantly, sexual politics.

The 22-year old victims' lead counsel, Katrina Legarda, was a no-show. Maybe it's her tactic. Let the crusty ol' boys stew in their pants. I suppose she wants to save her energies for the main event. In her stead, she sends 5 young, attractive lawyers (one of whom was a former beauty queen), all clad in black suits. Seated across them are 10 aged male veterans clad in off-white barongs.

The images on TV last night set the precedent for the upcoming legal battle. It is to be a battle of the weak versus the strong, of the young versus the established, of men versus women. Let the games begin.

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