Sunday, June 19, 2005

Working his ass off in Cebu. I miss my baby bubu :(

Is that a new shirt you're wearing? I like. Do you mind that I posted your "tired" photo here? LOL. You look good enough to eat. Yum.

May 8, 2004

me: hey :)
you: hey you sparky sparks
me: was kind, what u wrote on my blog
you: :)
you: r u back?
me: i never left
you: wala lang i remembered lang when grandpa died
me: my grandma died friday before we were supposed to leave

you: oh you never did?
me: nope. mom cancelled it. baliktad..sila ang umuwi dito
you: so u still going?
you: argh or is that a good thing
me: not in the next few months. maybe sem break..october
you: aww.
me: good to see them...just a bad occasion to do so
me: i wasnt excited to go anyway
me: i'd rather go someplace else ;)
you: how u holding up? hows ur little pup?

me: my pup's pretty big now
me: she's got an identity crisis
you: haha
me: huge for a lap dog..but she absolutely insists on parking her huge arse on my lap
you: its raining hard here in makati
me: r u home?
you: yes in me studio in makati
me: not going out to drink later r u
you: why go out if you can drink here?
me: uve got a point there..but then u'll be drinking alone..when u can drink with a bunch of strangers
you: but then i wont be worried about traipsing in the street all wet from the rain and flood


me: awake he still is
you: i thought you had gone out
me: she changed her mind
you: of course im awake i keep late hours
you: its a rainy night anyway
me: we just she's watching monster's ball on our newly purchased chinese knock-off dvd player
you: keep me company?
me: for as long as i can keep awake :)
you: monster's ball is a powerful drama and that chinese knockoff player may be the best investment you made. :P
me: right u r
you: coz if u wanna get good dvds here, theyre all bootlegs
me: i sleep regular hours
you: and bootlegs play best on bootleg players

you: coz i live in the dvd bootleg capital of manila, aside from quiapo that is..
me: so have u got strange men standing on street corners pssst-ing at u as u walk by?
me: so watcha doin?
you: i was supposed to drink but i didnt
me: good good
you: nope, these guys in this mall sell it outfront in stalls
you: but they have raids on mondays
you: so they only sell tuesdays to sundays
me: flaunting it for all to see

me: what rare find have u in ur collection
you: gawd, ive gotten a lot of artfilms here that arent available in Tower or MUSIC ONE.
me: isnt that amazing
you: HMM... Kurosawa's Dreams,
you: cinema Paradiso
me: ive seen that one
me: on a lenten week. long long ago
you: Japanese and asian art films
me: i dont think ive ever seen a kurosawa film
you: have you seen lost in translation?

me: nope
you: ur missing out on life, kiddo hehehe
me: is it as good as critics say?
you: hmmm
you: yes it is.. in an understated kind of way
me: im not much into films
you: its visual and visceral
me: other than the usual stuff hollywood churns out
you: but nothing ever happens onscreen, only in ur mind
you: its cool
me: visceral...28 days later
me: seen that?
you: oh yes
you: i love 28 days later
me: so do i
you: its an independent production
you: shot for really cheap
me: visceral...figurative and literal sense..hehe
you: hahaha oh yes sabi mo pa.
me: it looked so dirty u felt the grit on ur skin

you: what does sparks do for fun?
me: i am boring
me: i do nothing
me: seriously
you: no one is boring
me: usual..go out wiht friends and family. see
me: ive had tons of coffee dates since cafes have proliferated this city
you: will you have one with me then? ;)

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