Thursday, June 23, 2005

On A Merry Little Drive on EDSA

In an age where attention is fast consumed and discarded, it is difficult to think and reflect. Reality seems a blur, a constant change of shapes and colors zooming before our eyes. Life today is an orgy of sights and smells and dreams and ideas, all competing for our attention and our wallets. All must be purchased. Everything is for sale.

Now more than ever Life is a Market. It is natural. One must work to live. One must work hard to live comfortably. And comfort is life replete with all the “necessary” trinkets we must possess. This is common knowledge, taught us by our parents and society. Can our minds grasp the possibility of a world alternative? Probably not. You see, our minds are imprisoned by our bodies. We are slaves of appetite and bodily functions and the immediate. Where life is constantly threatened by hunger, death and ignominy, the immediate is all that matters. The mind cannot break free of the thing which anchors it in reality. And reality is a stinking pile of shit.

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