Wednesday, September 03, 2003

the things that come to mind when driving...

of whores, pimps and tits

advertizing is the the whore of capitalism. no its the pimp of capitalism. nah, better yet, according to muffin, its the tits of capitalism. yes. advertizing makes whoring customers of us all.

glossy, shiny ads unfold their come-hither promise of fulfilling our every need. from the basest to the loftiest. from the cheapest to the most expensive. ads cater to our desires of spontaneous fulfillment. the urge to acquire and consume is brought to fever pitch. constant bombardment of images flood our senses. from dusk til dawn, every waking moment they call to us.

and like zombies, we answer. under hypnosis, every created want must be sated. nevermind the limits of our buying capacity, nevermind the inanity of the actual product being bought. nevermind the superficiality. bandwagons must be rode on. trends must be caught...much like disease.

image, stature and status must be upheld. the flashier the whore the better. the best pimps must exhaust all their creative juices to sell at the highest price possible. and we, customer-sheep, are powerless it seems to resist. after all, who can deny the urge to fuck and be fucked?

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