Wednesday, June 04, 2003

went to mon's birthday last night.the initial awkwardness waiting for the celebrant to arrive at the 'surprise' party was worth the look on mon's face when he opened my gift for him. it was just a lil thing...but i remember he loved gardening (and their lawn looks nice now), so i got him a gardening book! well, i hope he makes use of it.

i dont think the attraction for my first big infatuation will ever go away. maybe, it will always be there. fell for him really hard waaay back when i was a freshie. this is a loong story, and i will talk about it in future blogs. suffice it to say he was at mon's party last night, i saw him..i'll see him coz he's a good friend of my best friend. because we were close friends once...and i dumped him because at the time..i thought..i couldn't bear the hurt of wanting him and not be wanted in return. duh....the melodrama of a 17 year-old. tsk tsk

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