Sunday, April 06, 2003

some poems i wrote loong ago

a light from her window flickers
from behind her closed lids, she sees
different colors, brilliant, bright
keeping her from her sleep
off she takes her sheets
up she stands on her feet
eyes trained beyond the frame
whats disturbing her she seeks
two hands open them wide
in rushes the wind biting cold
streaks of hair, coal on fair
skin shivers, she quivers
lightning flashes unfold.
mysteries open flame
future enters in a gust of wind
standing firm, standing tall
waking now and see the fall.

fears and riches

so rich a treasure
king's ransom i hide
in the deepest recess
of my mind resides.
keep it jealously guarded
close to my heart
to never let go
with which to never part
feelings of weakness
sometimes abides
sometimes takes over
n jealously cries.
what to do with this hunger
with the need to possess
keep the bird in the cage
lest it fly to leave nest
what weakness comes over
that takes over the heart
where goes the strength
that bind even apart
sometimes time heals
in others it tests
will time weaken
or follow through with the quest?
a great big adventure
a great story to tell
of a treasure i seek
in whose thrall i am held

first night

dark on light laying bright
oceans on skies
filming starlight on blaze
shine upon them, amaze
bathe bodies in colors
throught this night

play the movie in my head
make the memories, embed
keep close fleeting time
to trap in the mind

light the dark with this glow
of afterwards forever
make it show the way
make the night to day
forge the bond together

from rings to bells
of music to the ears
match angels with dreamers
twine daylight and stars
create bridges that span

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