Thursday, April 10, 2003

i think i want to stay in the city. i dont want to leave, i dont want to spend any sort of time with my father, or my mom for that matter. i want to stay here in manila and enjoy probably half of the population gone. wouldn't that be nice? i just dont want to spend whatever sort of time pretending im having fun when i know i wont. i just cant say no to my mom, she always sounds hurt. might not look it, but she sounds it.

im so fucking horny i cant believe it. it must be the heat. and im tired of getting off by myself. my god...ill be 23 in a few months. and im still a fucking virgin. can somebody just up and shoot me? times like these you kinda lose perspective as to what's important and what's not. i don't wanna jerk off in my room all by fucking self. anymore! but im just not the kind of girl who would proposition just anyone. ive been half-joking with myself about propositiong rob, but i dont think he's that kind of guy either. plus, im attracted to him...but i dont think he's attracted to me. and he has his ex-gf issue. but hey, what the fuck its just sex right?

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