Thursday, April 17, 2003

chicken pox for the soul. all my family has left to enjoy the beautiful island of panglao. and i am stuck here. i guess my wish has been granted by an incredibly trippy God because he gave me a legitimate reason to stay. i am covered in lesions and blisters (vesicles) most of them are on my head, some are still on the way of popping out.

the first ones, incidentally, came out on the first day of the holy week, monday. the worst itching came thursday...and now, saturday, well, it looks like im on the way to recovery. my face though...still looks like one only a mother could love. i only hope i don't get scars. and no, im not being overly vain.

for sure, this is one holy week i won't forget. but i just know it...i feel it in my bones...god has some more tricks up his sleeve. i'll talk about jack tomorrow.

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