Sunday, March 09, 2003

u know what i like? getting school work done at starbucks. luckily, theres something like...4 starbucks nearby. i was told manila is the the most "starbucks congested" city outside of any american one. i'll totally buy that. things i like about the place (not in any particular order):

1. the smell of coffee
2. the way the place looks
3. the coffee...grande nonfat caramel macchiatto please...
4. the baristas
5. the really comfy chair and table...just the right height for reading
6. the fact that you can spend 6 hours in there and nobody would kick you out
7. the whole second floor (of both tomas morato branches) are usually packed with people like students, people about to take one board/bar exam or another
8. the lighting...specially the new walls...nice veranda..
9. when i cant concentrate, i can always amuse myself with people watching...and starbucks gets some pretty...'interesting' people. we get movie stars now and then too!!
10. i started the book rest trend...and now...i usually see one or two studying with a bookrest at three branches.

however i might love the place i have some pet peeves too:
1. the fact that it gets too cold sometimes...and the with the new branch you cant just go and adjust and aircon settings..they taped it up!
2. really snooty rich or pretending to be rich people.
3. the med students who insist..absolutely insist on speaking with their loud american accents (they're probably fil-americans here to get a relatively cheaper med education)
4. people who just talk too loud
5. when the place is too packed
6. when someone already has my favorite spot!
7. when the place is empty...boring...usually early in the mornings
8. they keep jacking up the price!...and is it me or does the coffee taste...well, not quite the way it tasted before.

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