Thursday, February 20, 2003

when you're young and on your way to becoming someone...more than who you are at the moment, doesnt it always seem so scary, how your future lays ahead of you, obscured by the cloud of self-doubt and uncertainty. that's how it all seems to me these days. what to do with my life? which path to take? i wonder if people my age have the same difficulty in choosing who to be. who do i want to be? what do i want in life? too bad college doesn't teach you things like that.

i wonder if i'll remain here, paralyzed by indecision. i hope, not for long. why am i waiting for some sign, some indication to drop on my lap? heaven-sent? a clue to point me in the right direction. which way to go? i think, above it all, im only afraid of making mistakes, of choosing wrongly, of letting myself down, of not meeting my own expectations. why has it been so difficult to try and map out my life?

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