Thursday, February 27, 2003

buena vista club. one positive thing that came out of the puerto galera trip was that i discovered the buena vista social club!!!! there's no describing the beautiful cuban gotta hear it to believe it! i'm playing it now, and i can't help but sway my body..hehehe. i've been hunting for the cd, but so far no dice..gotta content myself with a couple of songs from blubster.

feeling...soiled. strange that a couple of days from the ordeal, i would feel somewhat...dirty. i don't know why or how. it just felt like i was corrupted somehow. i suppose, its yet another veil of 'innocence' (call it what you will) taken off of my eyes. are human beings really so devious? so...not like me? :-) how i worry. i'm afraid i don't have enough defenses for all those mean people out there. who does? thats why, even now...i resent accusations thrown at me a few weeks back. i've been told i stereotype people. how could that be?? the minute i meet someone, i don't have preconceived notions about them. i certainly don't make assumptions about their character when i know absolutely nada about them.

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