Friday, February 21, 2003

discrimination. why is it when people know you're...well off, they start treating you as though you had some sort of incurable disease? they immediately assume you behave a certain way, affect certain posturings and such and have a 'stereotypical rich-kid' outlook in life? i should be the last person to be accused of being a stereotype. contrary to young people in the same socio-economic situation as i am, i happen to know the value of money. i know it doesn't grow on trees and that my parents, specifically my mother, works very hard for it. it probably helps that both my mother and father were poor growing up. in fact, i think i coudln't possibly develop the very things i admire about my mom in particular...her mental toughness and ambition, because i've led a much more sheltered life than hers. or am i just being overly sensitive? am i imagining things, imagine that my peers treat me differently that is, given the more...well, anti-bourgeois tradition of my university?

leaving for puerto galera. well, i guess they'll have to know more about me tomorrow...coz we leave early in the morning!!! i am so psyched (is that how you spell it?). its just that i've never been. dorsal fins please...unless they're bobbing in an up and down manner. i come!....wooooohooooo!!!!!!!

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