Sunday, January 24, 2010

Surely, a Place for Critical Philosophy

Still the greatest influence in the critical perspectives of my field, Prof. Duncan Foley reminds me why I found Marx fascinating.

Is Marxism Relevant Today? from Committee on Global Thought on Vimeo.

(Around 20:00)
"The other thing that I'd like to say about Marx, at least from my own that he problematizes reality in the following sense. We have an awful tendency to sort of putter along, get up in the morning, get dressed and assumed that the way things are is somehow the way things have to be. Actually, mainstream economics goes further than that and has a big strength that says the way things are is the best way things can possibly be. Marx when he was a young man wrote a piece called 'For the Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing' and he lived that out and wrote that out to a very considerable degree. And the more you read Marx, the more, I hope, you will be drawn to find the world we live in extremely puzzling, extremely problematic, extremely strange as to why it is just the way it is. And why the things happen that do happen."
Surely, in the short history of modernity and global capitalism, this is not as good as it gets.