Monday, January 18, 2010

Noynoy’s to Lose

I suspect the Noynoy campaign is frittering away its massive lead by failing to deliver messages that will convince the faithful to hold on and convince the not yet converted to switch over. The natural constituency of Noynoy are the above thirtysomethings who have still have residual feelings for the country’s democratization process helmed by Ninoy and Cory. The younger voters will have no such nostalgia but will probably find Noynoy suitably hip and infinitely cleaner.

Among peers from the educated middle class however, I hear grumblings on three fronts – first, Noynoy should stop pressing the message of his being the son of his sainted parents. “We already know this, tell us something we don’t yet know.” Second, he should speak more strongly about his past achievements and what he has actually done both as a member of Congress and Senate. Self-effacement be damned. Its time to toot your own horn and market yourself better. Third, Noynoy has to hammer the message that his plans, embodied by his platform of course, will deliver a better future. If he can concentrate on delivering these three messages, then he’ll protect his lead. We already know you’re not corrupt, on to the next step ok?

The more people get to know rivals Gibo and Gordon, the paler becomes Noynoy’s reflected glory. And more votes lost to the first two candidates gives Manny Villar a better chance to win. The presidential bid is Noynoy’s to lose given that we have reasonably clean elections. Time to switch gears. Sipag at Tiyaga, Galing at Talino, Nanay at Tatay…just doesn’t sound good.