Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh, Gringo!

Is it me or is there a thinly veiled undercurrent of illicit liaisons and adultery in the media coverage of Gringo Honasan? The very first images of Honasan when the news broke out were of him literally pulling his pants up, then cut to the image of a certain Ingrid Ramos in whose home he was captured. Now the media is teasing us with insinuations of a special relationship with this mystery woman. Is she a "certain kind of friend?" The question of her relationship with Honasan seems to be overshadowing the arrest itself, and its implications. Maybe its because he's incredibly good-looking and seems to exude this...machismo that women of all ages can't help but notice. Well, whatever comes out of his arrest and trial, this 58 year-old, swashbuckling, coup plotter/senator certainly knows how to capture the public's imagination. What an elaborate way to start his senatorial campaign.

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