Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sandbar Beach Resort in Puerto Galera

NOTE: I am in now way connected to Sandbar Beach Resort. I was merely a patron. What is written here is my own personal opinion.

While everyone was crammed on the noisy, sweltering, fly-infested and overrated White Beach, I found yet another little-known treasure in Puerto Galera.

Sandbar Beach Resort is on Boquete Island 10 minutes away from Balatero and Muelle Piers. Aside from the excellent view and the relative peace and quiet, you will enjoy the tan-colored beach and decent marine-life 5 meters offshore. The food is a tad expensive compared to the rest of PG; P250 dishes (serves 2 people) but they are excellent, excellent fares. Don't miss the chicken curry!

How to get there:

1. Either take a bus going to Batangas Pier, or take a car.

2. If you take a car, just go to SLEX, pay the exorbitant toll fee and get off the Batangas Exit (second to the last). You can leave your house as early as 4 a.m. Since it is still the summer season, there's no telling what kind of traffic you'll have to battle through to get to paradise. Better safe than sorry eh?

3. When you get off the exit, watch out for the Star Tollway. This is a newly constructed highway, blissfully empty and well-made. Pay the P16 fee to avoid having to pass through town propers and bottlenecks.

4. Get off the the Batangas City exit, about 10 minutes of driving 110 kph straight. I told you, blissfully empty and well-made. After you exit, make your way to the evidently booming and wealthy Batangas Pier. You won't miss the turn to the right.

5. When you get to the Pier, you can leave your car inside the Pier facility itself if there's space left. If not, you can leave it in the private parking areas outside for P200/day. A mite expensive, but your car will be safe.

6. Take a boat bound for either Balatero or Muelle. This should set you back P180. A driver from Sandbar, with his yellow "hummer," will fetch you when you arrive.

7. Enjoy!!!! :)


nuttynellie said...

hey this is interesting. this beach has been referred to me by my bestfriend. I was about to book a stay with my boyfriend at Marco Vincent in white beach which I think is ok.. But after reading your comment about the white beach being fly infested made me change my mind (yeah, youre right)... I think this is a very interesting place. Thanks for posting! YOu should also try to post your comment and some pix about Sandbar Beach at TripAdvisor website which I usually frequent.

Anonymous said...

next time when promoting your resort make sure to emphasize your telephone numbers so that people who are interested to go can contact you right away!!!!!!

sparks said...


i am in no way connected to the resort. i was also a tourist like you. the info you are looking for is but a few taps on the keyboard away. do your research as i have. thanks.

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