Monday, April 03, 2006

On Bianca and Zanjoe (This is not Nina's Blog)

Hello Bianjoe fanatics, welcome to my blog. I am not the person who wrote that letter to Mr. Boy Abunda. That would be Nina. She posted her letter on her blog. Thanks.

Oh I've been wanting to blog about this for a long time, but now I feel it imperative to do so.

I am a PBB addict. A Bianjoe addict in particular.

I was watching Y Speak last night and felt incredibly bad for Bianca Gonzalez and Zanjoe Marudo. I suppose the next few days will be hectic because everyone would want a piece of them. In the mean time, I can imagine the two of them having to put their "special friendship" on hold as they both attend to unfinished business.

I'm a Bianjoe fan from the very start. It's the classic "forbidden love" angle. For those who have been living under a rock for the past 2 months, Bianca is Lino Cayetano's girlfriend (as in the late Senator Cayetano's son). Inside the house Bianca and Zanjoe developed a "close friendship" that included frequent hugs and kisses. Since both admitted to being attracted to each other, I think its safe to say that their feelings can't be completely platonic.

I've been rooting for the two of them because both exhibited grace under pressure -- the pressure of their minds battling with their hearts.

I think it unfair for people to say mean things about Bianca. Forums reveal just how virulent these comments can be:
kse simple lang yan no...?elementary..if me konting decency yang c bianca,kahit landiin sya,d nya papatulan mga pag-'tempt',overtures ni zanjoe kse po me boyfriend sya!ganun lang ka-simple kung talagang naloka sya ke zanjoe,ano b nman yung mag-antay muna sya after pbb to see kung totoo yang nararamdaman nya.e di i-break nya c lino and ituloy nila landiaan nila sa lbas.she could've done it with a little class.d yang ganyan plastic pa sya na friends daw sila.ano kme ######o.poor lino.

I'm very disappointed with Bianca! grbae na ginagawa nya. Kawawa ang BF nya. As for Zanjoe, wala syang respeto sa BF ni Bianca. He knows may BF si bianca pero sige pa din sya....tamad na...wala pang respeto sa ibang tao.
Yan si bianca, kaya lang yan hindi bumibigay kay zanjoe kasi on-cam siya. Pero for sure kung walang cameras around them matagal nang sila. Malamang they even had ######. She doesnt give in not bcoz she has respect for her bf or that she knows her boundaries, but simply and logically bcoz, THERE ARE CAMERAS ALL AROUND.

I regularly watch Y Speak and can say that Bianca is not only smart and articulate but humble. Having to deal with brats on regular occasion, I can safely say that Bianca is an exception.

Bianca went to High School at La Salle Zobel. She then went to the Ateneo. That she is pedigreed is of no question. Even wihtout knowing this, the way she speaks and holds herself is evidence enough.

In the same token, the way Zanjoe speaks and holds himself reveal his much humbler origins. Did he even finish his studies at Mapua?

Lino Cayetano, on the other hand, belongs to the elite. Rich, coming from a family that includes a former Senator and a current senator (his sister Pia) and well-educated (didn't he study film at NYU?). He isn't bad looking either. Any girl would want to bag and keep Lino as a boyfriend and a possible husband.

I laud Bianca for even giving Zanjoe half a chance. For looking past socio-economic barriers, for not being a snob.

I laud Bianca for risking a good match to follow her heart.

Maybe she saw something in Zanjoe that was lacking in Lino (despite all his riches). Maybe she saw genuine passion and affection? Maybe she felt truly...adored.

I remember Lino guesting in Y Speak a few months back. He and Bianca were interviewed as a couple. He didn't really leave much of an impression. As an "artist" he had the requisite long hair and all, but his eyes didn't show much...verve. Even his voice didn't seem...animated. His body language towards Bianca was very cold. This was made even more obvious because the other couple interviewed (Chiz Escudero and wife) were very affectionate, in their glances, they way their knees touched. The way Lino looked at Bianco while they were answering questions didn't reveal much.

Now I'm comparing how Zanjoe acted around and looked at Bianca in the house. Even last night during the interview. I would forgo all the riches of a pedigreed boyfriend to have the man I love look at me like that.

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