Thursday, March 30, 2006

pour une personne belle :)

(One of my students sent me this e-mail. It makes all the trouble worth it. hu hu)

hi there mlle! :D i just checked my email and i just learned about the class's plan to thank you...guess im too late to take part in that. but hey, i can always email you :D

i just want to thank you really... thank you ever so much!!! you are an inspiration to me and i really really loved having you as my prof. more than french you taught me a new way to view the world. your stories on how one can be an alien to his own home, how the world may come to confuse you as to who you really are, how reality bites and we should feel how it bites because that's the only way we'll learn how to cope with the pain and tha'ts the only way we'll come to figure out a way to avoid the pain. oh and i love what you said about the philippines being a young country and how we as filipinos need not rush into defining one filipino culture instead we should be proud with the many colorful cultures we have....oh and closing it with "what is culture anyway?" hehehe that was classic (i was so sure that day i will never forget you). :) you are very smart. you're like the me i dream to, confident, witty, strong, mature, and french-speaking :D

seriously, i loved your class and i would be more than happy to take it again...not french 1 but another class of yours...probably french 2.:D you inspired me mlle, you really did. im planning to take a minor in french and hopefully if i get confident enough i would want to take a chance on that scholarship to france :)

i have a confession to scared me,,, yes you did. i had this feeling you do not like me and i had a feeling that you didnt like having me in your class. that feeling disheartened me at first but i managed to use it as a challenge...and that worked well.

there... said it :D

thank you ever so much!!! thanks a million!!!! merci beaucoup mlle!! have a great life, a great person like you deserves one:D you're a star and i wish that you'll get to shed your light on many others just like you shed some light on me..continue being what you inspiration, a great teacher, a truly beautiful person. again, thank you! :D

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