Thursday, February 16, 2006

We Want In on the Action!

The Danish toons were published months ago, but certain European newspapers republishing them has caused a world-wide spark of varying reactions. In the age of Internet, something this big, involving transnationally-shared values, cannot die down before it has made the tour of the globe.

Not to be outdone, Filipino-Muslims have joined the fray. The Inquirer writes:

MUSLIM outrage over controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad reached Makati City’s business district yesterday morning.

Some 600 men, women and teenagers from various Islamic communities in Metro Manila demonstrated in front of the PBCom Tower on Ayala Avenue, which houses the Royal Danish consulate.

The hour-long protest action included the burning of a Danish flag. But like two earlier protest actions elsewhere in the metropolis, the Makati rally ended peacefully.

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