Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dying To Play

I googled "dead game show stampede" and got 3 full pages of news items from around the world. The tragic story this morning was newsworthy enough for CBS, CNN and Reuters. Where in the world do people die to play a fucking game show? In the Philippines.

Because poverty is so ingrained and inescapable, people think a TV game show will rescue them from their misery. And what irks me the most is, the Lopezes are making money out of this desperation. And they're raising water costs for worsening service. I know because I'm unfortunate enough to live on the Maynilad zone instead of Manila Water and we've had pieces of shit literally flowing from our faucets for the last year and a half. And they have the gall to raise power rates to pass onto consumers the costs of their inept management. I often wonder if this family has had a lot of death threats lately. It certainly isn't difficult to imagine.

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