Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Finger on your Eye!

I've braved many, many things in life. I've traveled alone to another continent when I was 20. I've had my gums sliced and diced twice by my sadistic dentist. I went to a Bon Jovi concert alone when I was I of 13 years old and almost got kidnapped. But I couldn't for the life of me, put a damn contact lens in my eye.

I tried, god knows I tried many, many times. I've got a sore right eye right now as proof! But when I went to my favorite optometrist this afternoon to get my eyes checked, I thought, why not try contacts this time? I've been wearing glasses for three years, time for a change right? Wrong. When the optometrist (Che) was putting them in, no problemo. But when it was ME trying to put the little sucker in, I couldn't. Simple procedure right? Pull up upper lid, pull down lower lid, put thin plastic film on index finger and....slowly, slowly, poke!

Aaargh! I tried maybe 10 times. I did! But I couldn't place them in correctly. Why? Because my brain was resisting. Mightily resisting. Its not normal to poke one's eye. Or put foreign objects on or in them. It simply isn't normal! I remember how my eyeball felt right now and I'm cringeing! Am I a simple coward? Nooo. I figure, its my body and mind's natural resistance to something it has long been trained to avoid. Haven't we learned the lesson (often painfully) long, long ago when we were tots that our eyes must be protected at all cost?!? At all cost! And now, as an adult, one must suddenly forget such a valuable lesson hard-learned all these years?!? It is not so easy my friend. But hey, tomorrow's another day. Maybe I'll muster enough gumption, set my mind to it...or, maybe not.

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