Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Compre Exam Part II Question No. 1

I've been avoiding reading the headlines for the past few weeks because it only adds to my headache and woes. But I suppose local headlines can't be avoided, especially news of the
President. She haunts me even in my comprehensive exams. Gah.

PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal–Arroyo on Monday evening left for the United States on a commercial flight to attend several meetings at the United Nations highlighted by the Security Council meeting on September 14, which she will preside.

The question, typical of exam questions, was long and circuitous. But in essence it goes something like this:

What is the significance of President Gloria Arroyo's trip to the UN Security Council?

And my answer, which was as long and circuitous as the question, in essence goes something like this:

In the international community, it is something to note that the Philippine president is the first woman and Asian head of state to preside over the most "powerful" (but for the most part inutile) UN body.

But perhaps the trip is more significant to the survival of the Arroyo administration. It is a welcome reprieve for the crisis-ridden Arroyo government. Her trip abroad could very well serve as time to strategize on how she could further survive the onslought of the rabid opposition. Also, it is good press for the Philippine president to show confidence that she can temporarily vacate her seat of power as if a salivating pack of dogs weren't yipping at her heels itching to tear off a piece of her tough hide.

If anything, this opportune UN trip is manna to the administration. It not only gives her time-out from the mud-slinging but also a time to repair the damage done by the Angelo de la Cruz hostage crisis to Philippine-US relations. Now she can personally mend fences and ingratiate herself back into Dubya's embrace. Great.

When she bangs the gavel and declares open the summit on September 14, she will have demonstrated to the rest of the international community that the current Philippine president is the duly elected, legitimate head of state.

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