Sunday, July 18, 2004

Supremely Irritated by Ignoramus Americanus

That's it. The Jay Leno hoo-ha has got me seething mad at how ignorant the world's model democracy is about other countries, especially those whom they ask to be their allies against a war waged on very iffy terms. Although I don't agree that the talk show host should necessarily apologize for making such a tasteless joke as some local militant groups want, I nevertheless think that millions of Americans shape their opinions based on television shows and an American media that has lost all traces of fairness or balance since September 11.

And besides, Leno's one-liner only echoes American sentiments, like this Filipino-American journalist who dares call Filipinos "weasels." What a disgrace. I suggest you let Ms. Malkin know what you think. And heck, why not Jay Leno too.

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