Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Its a war unfolding in a foreign land thousands of miles away. Why should it concern you and I, ordinary Filipinos minding our own business, going about our lives as best we could given these trying times. It is a war most unjust, some would say. It is a rightful war that has deposed a tyrant, some would say. Most will take in the headlines and television images with unseeing eyes. They may shake their heads in regret or disgust or incomprehension and then go about their daily routine mindful of the momentary delay. The fact that we have hundreds of thousands of Filipino workers in the middleast wouldn't register. Some 4,000 in Iraq and 50 non-combatant forces working for the US troops. Oil price hikes are blamed on government incompetence when this unforgiving pain in our wallets is due to that war killing Iraqis on Iraqi soil.

But now that war has a face, and he bears a Filipino name, a Filipino passport.

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