Tuesday, November 04, 2003

i had 32 students this semester. two got an F. i got an irate phonecall from a mother today. wondering, hoping i would change her grown-up son's grade. i was sitting here wondering, what the hell is this woman doing giving me a guilt-trip for quite possibly 'ruining her son's life'?!? she pleaded her son's case, saying he isn't such a bad boy, that he isn't the type to kill people. but what the hell does that have to do with me?

her son was fond of skipping class and not handing in his homework. he flunked all his exams, his finals and his final orals. what was this dude expecting? mana from me? she said he only needed one more point to reach the required qpi since he's already in probation, otherwise he would be kicked out. i said, your son is a grown man. he is going to have to learn to be accountable for his actions and take responsibility. she said something to rebuke what i said. im thinking, this dude is the way he is, all of 18 years, because his mother is doing her best to coddle him and keep him a child.

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