Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Manny Villar's C5 at Taga Explained in Seven Minutes

Here is a brief explanation of what the C5 extension brouhaha is all about.

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Winnie Monsod explains:
"On the basis of the map, it is clear... there are two alignments - MCTEP and the C5 extension project. It is also clear that one of them was unnecessary. Why? It has to be the burnt orange project because the other project had already been approved earlier. It is also clear that the C5 extension project is gonna be more costly because it is longer and it is built wholly on government funds. Third, because what the government spent on the road right of way for the old project will now go to waste. Why will it go to waste? Well really, can you imagine the joint venture partner building this project when there is this road parallel to it, almost beside it, sometimes overlapping it. Who will want to pay toll when there is a free road right next to it. And finally it is very clear that the greater length of the C5 extension project enables it to pass through all the Villar properties...

There remains the issue of the overprice of the Villar properties...there were 22 properties that had to be bought to get a right of way for the C5 extentions project. The average price paid for the non-Villar properties was P2,422 per square meter. The average price paid for Villar properties was P11,519 per square meter for mostly raw land."