Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gloria Forever: Yeah or Nay?

Randy David frames the events of June 2, 2009 this way:
The real hurdle is how to keep the people in a docile unquestioning state until next year. This is the most difficult to manage. Arroyo’s operators will be banking on public inertia—the state of political exhaustion that comes after a series of unproductive upheavals—to keep the opposition at bay. They will pour money where the votes are—under the cover of economic stimulus—until the people come to a point where they have no strong motive to resist...

...Clearly, the election has begun, ahead of the one scheduled for 2010. And there is only one candidate—Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In this contest, no ballots will be distributed and counted. Only our voices and our feet will matter. We either protest and march, or we pray or make noise. To shut up and stay home in the face of this shameless display of political opportunism is to accept Gloria forever.
What think you?

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